Goal Imagery® Coach Training Programs

All Goal Imagery® Coach Training Programs were developed by combining both traditional and holistic coaching techniques.

All Goal Imagery® Coach Training Programs are deeply holistic in terms of providing the skills to help clients recognize and utilize their spiritual, emotional, creative, intellectual, and other resources, as well as looking at any issue as part of a whole – that “whole” being all aspects of client’s life and well-being.

All programs are taught infusing the practical understanding of ICF core coaching competencies that were developed to support greater understanding about the skills and approaches used within today’s coaching profession. They are used as the foundation for the Goal Imagery Holistic Coach Training exam as well as ICF credentialing process examination.

As emphasis is placed on practical application, personal self-discovery is reached as the result of being coached weekly throughout the course by your instructor and peer students. Professional growth and accelerated learning is achieved by coaching others. With its holistic approach, this program provides a solid coaching foundation with focus on life and career coaching techniques.

Goal Imagery® Institute Coach Training Programs utilize a unique combination of subconscious and conscious techniques while blending concepts from many holistic modalities. The programs are rooted in the Goal Imagery® method which unites thinking, feeling, being, and doing.   Unlike other programs that focus on one specific approach or philosophy, the Goal Imagery Institute encompasses a broad spectrum of theories and applications, providing a comprehensive education and practical hands-on training.

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