Life & Career Coach Training

Are you a good listener?
Do people tend to share their life stories with you?
Do you naturally enjoy helping others fulfill their dreams?
Do you want to get paid for it?

How about becoming a professional coach?

Goal Imagery® Institute Presents an Evolutionary Approach to:

Holistic Life & Career Coach Training™

Approved by International Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Association for Counselors & Therapists (IACT)

Taught by Marianna Lead, PhD — an ICF Credentialing Examination Assessor and teacher of numerous New York University coaching courses, whose Goal Imagery® method has been taught at NYU since 2005.

 Whether you want to become a coach or add coaching skills to your existing holistic practice – this course is for you!

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Imagine Yourself Just 8 Months From Now, Ready To…

  • Coach anyone on any topic with traditional AND holistic techniques
  • Become a catalyst in people’s lives
  • Build and grow your coaching practice — with all the support and resources you need (including marketing templates and an on-going support forum)

 With Goal Imagery® Life/Career Coach Training You Will:

  • Receive live, 100% hands-on and 100% supervised training
  • Benefit from participating in small classes for optimal learning experience via convenient Internet and/or phone connection
  • Learn and practice all core coaching competency skills according to ICF standards and requirements
  • Integrate your new coaching skills with your current holistic modality
  • Grow personally and professionally by being coached throughout this course
  • Work with real coaching clients
  • Receive the templates and forms you need for a turn-key coaching business

Here’s what students say about this program:

“Dr. Lead brings to the table advanced insight, wisdom and expertise. As a colleague, and recipient of her coaching, she has enabled me to bring to the surface thinking and solutions that were stuck deep in my mind and otherwise consumed by “day to day” life. Dr. Lead speaks with purpose and clarity, with each and every word counting towards navigating the client through their thoughts, which is the ultimate spirit of coaching. Her questions are pivotal, and she has found a way to translate this talent into an outstanding class modality. As an experienced coach and OD practitioner I would put both my personal and professional reputation behind this class.”

Jennifer F. Muccioli, MBA, Director, Development Coach, Ernst & Young

“You truly are an amazing Teacher/Therapist/Coach and I feel very honored and blessed to have experienced your energy, enthusiasm, style and effectiveness. Our Coaching Sessions were very powerful and I enjoyed the virtual format. It enhanced my listening skills in a whole new way. By having the training “virtually”, gave us all the opportunity to attune our senses to a different channel… and feel confident that it is very do-able. The fact that you got us a real case to work with was also incredibly helpful. Your Coaching Course is one of the most exciting things I did in my life. I looked forward to every class.”

 Maria-Jose Starkey, Reiki Master and Spiritual Counselor

“A passionate teacher, Marianna inspires her students to help transform the lives of their clients through coaching. She is inventive, insightful, and dedicated to her students. She also makes the learning process fun.”

Nancy Ancowitz, Business Communication Coach and Author of Self-Promotion for Introverts®
“Marianna creates a warm, friendly, nurturing environment for her coaching classes.  In a short time you cover a lot of diverse material, and Marianna makes that all manageable.  She explains things clearly and thoroughly.  A big part of the class is practicing sessions and you want as much experience as you can get, even if at first you feel hesitant and unsure.  Marianna moves you into the process gradually and with lots of encouragement and instruction so that everything is workable and enjoyable.  Marianna has a wonderful sense of humor and an ability to roll with whatever students need in the moment.  The teleconference class format worked well for me.  I much prefer being on my couch listening and learning than traveling and then sitting on a hard classroom chair.  If you want to enter the coaching profession, Marianna provides an excellent way to achieve that goal.”

Carol Mischke, Spiritual Counselor & Hypnotist

“Marianna, I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your Coach Training Course. Your teaching style makes this class not only educational but fun, as well. At the end of this training I know that I am well qualified and confident to be an excellent Coach myself. I would recommend your class to anyone who wants to earn their Coaching Certification from the best.”

 Sherrie E. Austin, Certified Hypnotist & Educator

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